Watch the OWCN Team Build a Mobile Response Center (Timelapse)

By Justin Cox

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network poured into Quincy, California last March for the first inland full-deployment drill in the Network’s history. I recapped my experience as an outsider at that drill in an April blog post, so I’ll spare the details here. Instead I’ll share the video above, which gives a sense of the setup required in such a response.

Because the risk of inland oil spills has only recently spiked in the wake of fracking and other domestic drilling, the non-coastal regions of California don’t have the same brick-and-mortar wildlife care facilities as the coast. That means we have to bring everything with us, including the structures, which are tents in this case.

The heavy-duty tents in the video above are for animal intake, washing, drying, and more. In addition to what you see in the video, our team also had vehicles and tents at other locations near the Feather River for animal recovery and field stabilization.

Building this tent city took about four straight hours (we barely beat the pouring rain that would pound on us the following day), but thanks to a GoPro that Greg Frankfurter and I strapped to a tall branch in a nearby tree, I was able to pack it into a 30-second timelapse video. Don’t let the rolling clouds distract you from the OWCN team, which runs like a well-oiled (😉) machine.

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