Welcome to Summer, OWCNers!

Crazy Hot Temps in Davis!

Well, with the solstice officially occurring last night (with today being the first full day), summer has officially arrived. However, if you are anywhere other than on the coast of CA, you know this already by the soles of your shoes sticking to the street as you walk outside!

A couple of blog-type thoughts for a solstice afternoon:

1) Thoughts from The New Yorker on the historical/geographical/interstellar implications of the summer solstice – a longish read (as is The New Yorker’s bent) but good if you are feeling science-y.

2) For those not wanting a deep read, Vox reports on 7 interesting solstice tidbits in a bit more graphically appealing manner.

3) Last, but certainly not least, CDFW-OSPR reported that a train derailed in the Bakersfield area yesterday, likely due to the extreme heat buckling the tracks. A reminder that, similar to stormy weather, hot temperatures can also cause accidents necessitating wildlife response. Fortunately this one did not need the OWCN to mobilize (I was already planning to load an ice chest to bring with me to the Command Post), as the video showed a pretty remarkable event, but lets all be safe out there!

In any event, enjoy the longest day of the year and please keep cool! Remember, heat exhaustion is not something to mess with – as I am sure everyone remembers from their HAZWOPER, HAZCOM, or Core Webinar info!

– Mike

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