OWCN at CalPERS Take Our Sons & Daughters to Work Day

OWCN returned to CalPERS this past June for Take Our Sons & Daughters to Work Day. This event is part of a national public awareness campaign to engage children ages 8-14 in various career opportunities.

The first thing everyone wanted to do was pet the sea otter pelts. Everyone was amazed at how soft they were, and were even more amazed when Tim Williamson (our Facilities Coordinator) explained that sea otter fur is the densest of any animal on earth, with anywhere from 250,000-1 million hairs per square inch!

CalPERS take your kids to work day

On the other side of the OWCN booth, Wildlife Care Specialist Stephanie Herman performed the feather demonstration to teach children about the microscopic structure of feathers and how oil can damage those structures. She showed kids and their parents how feathers are affected when they come into contact with oil, soap, and water. This demo is simple and perfect for helping people visualize just how destructive oil can be.

OWCN loves participating in these types of outreach events, and we are looking forward to tabling again at CalPERS next summer!


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