Strength in Numbers

storms-make-trees-take-deeper-roots-11psh28This week has been an emotionally tough one with yet another mass shooting, so I thought I would write today about one of the aspects of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network that not only provides myself with immense pride, but also much needed hope and optimism.

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network is exactly that….a Network of Member Organizations located throughout our beautiful state of California.  We have diversity among us with wildlife rehabilitation organizations, academic and research institutions, scientific organizations, zoological societies and aquaria, environmental organizations, and more.  That diversity broadens our shared perspective and experiences so that we can provide the absolute best achievable capture and care of oiled wildlife.

But while our diversity is a strength that should be encouraged and celebrated, one could argue that our Network’s greatest asset does not lie in the differences among us, but rather our shared passion to protect this planet.  We share a deep compassion for wildlife and nature, balanced with an intense drive and work ethic to actively protect and conserve all of California’s critters. The Network is dependable, collaborative, and an emblem of cohesive teamwork toward the achievement of a shared goal.

IMG_0305And while cooperation and support is overtly evident during spill response, some of the best examples of our shared values, goals and unity come during non-spill times.  For example, earlier this week I stopped by Lindsay Wildlife Experience and was pleased to see that among their fantastic exhibits and resident animal ambassadors, I noticed a traveling educational art exhibit highlighting another OWCN member organization, the Golden Gate Audubon Society.  This beautiful display celebrates their 100th anniversary and shares much of the great work and valiant efforts being done by GGAS to protect our bay area birds.

And beyond this singular example, our Network members lend support to one another on a regular basis.  Whether its our marine mammal rehabilitation organizations taking in some additional patients from overtaxed facilities during an unusual mortality event, delivery of a bird or small mammal from one organization to another for some enhanced species specific care, or simply sending out an email offering up free surplus supplies when the bounty is plentiful, we are all in this together.


So I owe the Network thanks, as its refreshing to see individuals and organizations respect the differences in each other all while connecting to a greater cause.  Keep supporting and being kind to one another.  Let the tough times only serve as fuel for additional good deeds, and remember that “we rise by lifting others” – Robert G. Ingersoll


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