OWCN Full Deployment Drill Coming to Sunny San Diego


Over the past few weeks, we have begun the initial planning for our next OWCN Full Deployment Drill (FDD), which will be held on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018.  Since our last FDD was held up in Quincy in the pouring rain in March, we figured there is no better place to be in January than in sunny San Diego!

We have successfully pre-identified and filled all our area lead roles for the exercise, but wanted to give everyone (and especially those located in Region 5, a.k.a. Southern California) a heads-up that we will be sending out an email in early January announcing some volunteer opportunities and posting them to our responder database. So keep an eye out if you live in the San Diego area and are interested!

However, if you are available and interested in participating as a volunteer, please remember that you must have the following pre-requisites:

  • have an active and current responder profile in our database, and
  • have completed all 3 of the online Core Webinar Series (OWCN Overview, Spill Basics, and Responder Involvement)

Volunteers will be assisting in all areas of the drill including field operations, transportation, field stabilization, and Care & Processing (intake, prewash, wash, conditioning and support).

10558159185_fd28abac06_zWe are looking forward to drilling both the San Diego region as well as the Oiled Wildlife Care Center (located at SeaWorld San Diego).  And a special thanks to our SeaWorld San Diego folks, as they have been extra helpful and accommodating during the planning process.

The OWCN management team wishes you all a fantastic holiday season, and we look forward to seeing many of you in San Diego in 2018!



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