Looking Forward to the Full Deployment Drill Next Week!


Its all hands on deck here in Davis, California as all OWCN management staff prepare for the Full Deployment Drill next week in San Diego (January 30 & 31, 2018). The drill is shaping up to be one of our best ever! The OWCN would like to especially call out SeaWorld for taking on the task of helping to host this training. As always, their personnel have stepped up to the plate with energy and excellence!

Since SeaWorld will be hosting this drill, we will be using the Oiled Wildlife Care Center (OWCC), located on SeaWorld’s grounds, as the Primary Care Facility. The OWCN management staff will be bringing down plenty of equipment of our own including:

  • The MASH trailer (Mobile Avian Stabilization Hospital) for use as a Field Stabilization site
  • The Sprinter van as a mobile command post for Wildlife Recovery
  • The Hazing and Field Operations trailers to bring additional recovery equipment and supplies needed to deter animals from entering oiled areas
  • Three Western Shelter tents to accommodate personnel and additional animal care areas
  • Three trucks as tow vehicles

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And of course, the equipment is only half of the equation. To have a successful drill we have to have trained and enthusiastic participants. This year there will be over 85 players from 17 Member Organizations of Affiliated Agencies.

Bird Ally X
California Wildlife Center
Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute
California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife/Office of Spill Prevention and Response
Institute for Wildlife Studies
International Bird Rescue
Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center
NOAA Fisheries
Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA
Point Blue Conservation Science
Project Wildlife
San Diego County Department of Animal Services
Santa Barbara Zoo
SeaWorld San Diego
The Wild Neighbors Database Project
The University of California Davis OWCN/Wildlife Health Center
Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center

In addition, this year, in conjunction with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW), Office of Spill Response and Prevention (OSPR), we will be hosting 18 observers from Mexico who will attend the drill on January 31st. They, along with several OSPR and OWCN management staff, will then participate in a MEXUSPAC meeting the next day.

The MEXUSPAC is an “Agreement of Cooperation Between the United States of America and the United Mexican States Regarding Pollution of the Marine Environment by Discharges of Hydrocarbons and other Hazardous Substances. [It] provides a framework for cooperation in response to pollution incidents that pose a threat to the waters of both countries… and defines on-scene commanders, joint operations centers, and communications protocols that would be needed to coordinate the response to pollution incidents affecting both countries”.

So while none of us wishes for an oil spill, we are all excited for the opportunity to meet up and learn the newest techniques with so many of our friends and co-workers who are also dedicated to being as prepared as possible to save animals whenever an oil spill occurs.

This is a drill!




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