In Memory

Lisa at First OWCN Hazing Training (Photo: Gayle Uyehara)

As many of you may already know (if Facebook is any indication), we were saddened by the news last week that our dear friend and colleague Lisa Rabun Birkle died after a long battle with illness. Lisa was a long-time rehabilitator and oiled wildlife responder with the OWCN Member Organization Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center.

For me, she was one of those people who I can’t remember when I met her because it seems like she has always been around – always willing to help with whatever job needed to be done and always with a laugh and a beautiful smile as long you were helping animals. She was always eager to learn and improve so she could do more. She will be missed at the next Oilapalooza, the next spill, and every time oiled wildlife responders or wildlife rehabilitators get together in California.

Raise a glass, light a candle, say a prayer or whatever you do when someone leaves this world too soon. To Lisa Rabun Birkle. We will all be missing you.


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