Strategic Planning & Playing

Last Tuesday (August 28th), OWCN staff spent the morning and early afternoon working hard to create a structure to guide our Strategic Visioning for the future. We considered our current mission, vision and core values. Then in true Hot Wash style, we identified the plusses and deltas, explored them and developed the unifying themes. The purpose of these initial activities was to set the stage for a broader strategic planning effort that will continue into 2019.

OWCN Strategic Visioning

Then we headed to Old Sacramento, divided into our three streams (Field Fanatics, Care Crazies and Readiness Renegades) for some good old Team & Creativity Building exercises. I’ll let the inventive shenanigans speak for themselves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We look forward to being creative with all of you as our team mates at future trainings, drills and spills…Although we always keep out fingers crossed that it will be a long time before the next large spill!


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