We built this City…

Our inland preparedness efforts continue, as we have received over the last few weeks three additional trailers as well as a large order of Western Shelters which enable us to set up mobile operations just about anywhere a spill may occur.

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In case you’re asking yourself, what the heck is a Western Shelter, below are images of the two different models we have in our inventory.  After last week’s delivery, we now have a grand total of six 19′ x 35′ shelters and four 20′ domes.

And if you’d like a sneak peek into a potential layout example for our response operations, Curt Clumpner, our Deputy Director of Care Operations, threw together the diagram below.

WesternShelter Layout ExampleAs you can see, having an arsenal of modular mobile shelters allows us to adjust our mobile operations setup based on the specific scenario of each unique spill throughout the beautiful state of California.

We have made a lot of progress labeling and organizing the new equipment. As soon as the team recovers from their sore muscles we will continue the journey.

~Readiness Operations


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