Two OWCN Positions Open Now!!

With the sad departure of Steph to Oregon and the shifting of Scott to Responder Specialist, the OWCN has TWO new openings available immediately for enthusiastic folks who want to join our team!

Under the direction of the appropriate Deputy Directors, we are recruiting for both a Wildlife Care Specialist and a Wildlife Field Specialist. Each position will provide specialized leadership and support in either the area of oiled wildlife care or field activities and, as parts of the OWCN response team, will serve, in concert with the Deputy Directors, as the lead oiled wildlife rehabilitation or field expert for the OWCN during and between spills.

During non-spill periods, each Specialist will ensure oil spill readiness by acting as an expert in wildlife care/field activities and protocols, improving readiness by maintaining equipment and supplies necessary for operations, and helping to organize and lead wildlife trainings and informational workshops for staff and volunteers throughout California.  As part of the team, these positions will also participate in public outreach activities as well as assist in research to ensure the OWCN meets its mandate of best achievable capture and care of oiled wildlife.

For more details and to apply, please visit the UC Davis employment website and search the job requisition number 03022639 (Field) or 03022635 (Care). or click here for Field Ops and here for Care Ops.

For more user-friendly versions of each job description (including information on specific responsibilities), please click here for the Field Ops Specialist position, and here for the Care Ops Specialist.

Final filing dates for this position is 1 November 2018, so check them out today!
Come join the Team!

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