Summit Success!

Our 2018 Oiled Wildlife Planning Summit took place last Friday, October 19th and was a definite success thanks to the amazing energy and collaborative brainpower of 60 folks representing over 75% of our Member Organizations.

Network members logged over 8,000 miles of collective travel to gather in Davis and put their heads together to improve some key areas of our operations, with the main focus landing on the following Network identified discussion topics:

  • Cross Training, Responder Exchange & Mutual Aid
  • Training Program Development
  • Evidence Collection and Handling Training
  • Mentorship Research Program
  • Inland Species Taxa Specialists

The individual group discussions were productive, and will serve as the catalyst for each working group as they add additional interested members from the Network, and meet via conference call or zoom in the following months to develop some tangible work products.

We look forward to hearing all about those ingenious solutions when these working groups present their reports at Oilapalooza 2019!

If you are a responder within our Network and have great interest in advancing one of the topics listed above, email us at and we can connect you to the working group.


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