Drills, Drills and More Drills!

You may not know that in addition to the annual OWCN Full Deployment Drill, that OWCN staff attend several in person industry sponsored drills per year. On top of that, on average, we facilitate 1-2 drills per week by phone. During the spring and fall drill “seasons”, this number can increase to 4-5 per week. It definitely keeps us busy!

It also keeps us on our toes, especially now that at least half of the drills occur at inland sites. It’s always interesting to work with the Responsible Party’s representative on the other end of the phone. While some are old hats, many have never had to call the OWCN Hotline before. It’s so gratifying to introduce these folks to the OWCN and then collaboratively formulate a plan to address the current drill scenario.

As you will see in the example provided below of the form that we fill out for drills, we not only collect detailed information, we also dive into the exercise of deploying the resources needed to respond to each drill’s unique situation. These types of drills are a wonderful learning opportunity for all involved and, just as they are designed to be, they test the OWCN’s readiness to respond to the wide diversity of wildlife that is at risk of oiling in the very large state of California.


Example OWCN drill form page 1

Example OWCN drill form page 2

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