The Team is Away, and a New Website is Underway

This week the team is operating out of the OWCN facility in San Pedro, leading oiled wildlife specialist training for responders from 11 of our 43 member organizations. OWCN’s Public Information Officers — Eunah and I — stayed behind at OWCN headquarters in the UC Davis Wildlife Health Center, managing social media and working on communications projects.

Oiled wildlife specialists gather around a specimen.

Oiled wildlife specialists from our member organizations participate in training activities at the OWCN facility in San Pedro this week.

There is one project that’s been top of mind for the two of us and many months-in-progress: a new OWCN website! The new site will go live in late December, and we’re excited to share it with you soon.

The new OWCN site will look quite different from the current site, but it will continue to be a valued resource for oiled wildlife response information. Among the significant changes:

  • a cleaner design featuring more of our wildlife photography
  • streamlined navigation focused on the four “R’s” that guide our work (Readiness, Response, Research and Reaching out)
  • page content that is pared-down and better organized

In addition, the new site architecture will give our team more flexibility to promote upcoming OWCN events and activities, and to highlight the work of our member organizations. All in all, we think you’ll find the new site easier to use and more engaging.

Stay tuned for the reveal in a few weeks!

— Kristin

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