Second Oiled Wildlife Specialist Training is a Success!

OWCN Training Program

Last week OWCN staff presented the second ever Oiled Wildlife Specialist (OWS) Training. We are so pleased with the strong interest in this training. Classes were full with 31 participants, representing 10 Member organizations. As you may remember, this training is a two day in-person workshop for individuals with moderate to advanced experience working with the species cared for by their Member Organization. It is intended to give participants a deeper understanding of spill response operations, broaden the applicability of responders’ existing skills and increase consistency between responders.

The training is organized into five specialization areas for personnel to choose from:
• Recovery & Hazing Specialist: Field Operations
• Field Stabilization Specialist
• Intake & Processing Specialist
• Pre-Wash Care Specialist
• Cleaning & Conditioning Specialist

For further information regarding future Oiled Wildlife Specialist training opportunities, please refer to the “Opportunities” section of your OWCN Responder Profile.

Checkout the fun photos. We look forward to having fun with you at a future OWS training!

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