New Field Ops Specialist!

We are starting off a new year with a brand new hire for the OWCN team – meet Jennie Hawkins, our new Field Ops Specialist!  Jennie was born and raised in Davis, CA, and after a hiatus to get her undergraduate degree at Colorado State and get her feet wet with various wildlife experiences, she is back home and started today as our newest Team member.  Jennie has a diverse wildlife background, doing field work in a variety of locations, including Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and Idaho.

16195250_10154884473101698_7611031928014208398_nJennie enjoys teaching people about wildlife, ecosystems, and the natural world, but she is also quite the sporting enthusiast.  Jennie is an active member of the triathlon and cycling communities and was on the USA Triathlon Age Group National Team and competed in Rotterdam last year. So next time you are at an OWCN training (or maybe a spill – quick…knock on wood!), look for Jennie.

We are so excited to have Jennie on our Team!



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