Year End Reflections

There is nothing quite like the exciting beginning of a fresh year.  I personally enjoy using the calendar as an excuse to reflect upon the last year, relishing the high points, learning from the low and forming a vision of hopes and goals for the year to come.

21-positive-new-year-quotes-162019 is in its infancy, and for our OWCN Management Team here in Davis, we have new team members and a revived energy to enhance our readiness, extend our outreach, strategize novel research initiatives and remain ready to respond. But as one of my favorite John Wooden quotes states “Nothing will work unless you do”, so our team met last week, rolled up the sleeves, and reviewed our 2018 efforts while also building our 2019 goals.


As of 12/31/18, the Oiled Wildlife Care Network boasts 43 Member Organizations, with over 1,300 registered responders in our database. If you are curious about what that distribution looks like throughout the state of California, see the graph below (click here to learn more about CDFW Regions)


The primary goals of our team meeting were to assess the status of the Network to assist in developing our 2019 training calendar, as well as evaluating our training program to identify key revisions we plan to tackle this year.  Our discussion covered Member Organization engagement, online training webinars, in-person trainings (24hr HAZWOPER, Basic Responder Training, and Oiled Wildlife Specialist), large events such as the full deployment drill and Oilapalooza and even a brainstorm session on the top tier of the pyramid – Manager Training.

While we didn’t solve every riddle, the meeting was an overall success as we closed the 2018 chapter, and created a revitalized and unified vision for 2019.  Keep an eye out for the 2019 OWCN training calendar and other important key dates to consider, which will be finalized and posted in the next couple weeks!



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