Training on all Levels

Today, we had the opportunity to assist Mike in teaching 16 veterinary students about oiled wildlife response. These are students who have expressed an interest in studying zoo and wildlife medicine. For many of them, it was an introduction to oiled wildlife response and to some of the roles veterinarians play in that response. Today’s training focused on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Intake & Processing, and Cleaning. The students also had an opportunity to tour the facility while learning about how an animal moves through the different stages of the rehabilitation process. We had a great time teaching them and they enjoyed learning about oiled wildlife response and modeling their PPE!


As part of our training program responders become familiar with our core webinars, Basic Responder Training, HAZWOPER, and many of the other trainings we offer. Beyond these, we do trainings for more focused groups as well – such as the vet students today.  Training is one of the most important things we do, as it allows us to expand and maintain readiness. As we expand where we respond and the species and waterways we are responsible for, we have to grow and adapt our trainings, too. The students we worked with today may play a role in a future response.


–  Danene and Greg

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