OWCN’s New Care Facilities Specialist

Hey Everyone, I would like to announce our new Care Facilities Specialist, Danny Vickers, and give him our warmest welcome to the OWCN team!

Danny Vickers, OWCN Care Facilities Specialist

Danny currently hails from Colusa County and joins the OWCN from right here at UC Davis, where he most recently served as a Principle Animal Technician at the Animal Science Beef Facilities, not only providing animal care but also maintaining facility functionality (including welding, plumbing, and carpentry), and functionality of large equipment (including trucks, tractors, ATVs, trailers, and forklifts). Danny has also previously worked in plumbing, as a necropsy technician, and as a Bridge Crewmember Sergeant for the 132nd MRBC Engineering Company of the California National Guard, where he operated and supervised the use of bridge trucks, light vehicles and MK II bridge erection boats.

Danny has a BS in Animal Sciences from UC Davis and due to his passion for wildlife, completed coursework in Wildlife/Range Management at Humboldt State University.

When he’s not boating, skiing, or scuba diving, Danny enjoys hanging out with his wife Sierra and their two hound dogs, Jameson and Ranger, on their ranch in Colusa County, where they also have a number of horses and barn cats that keep them busy in their free time. 

As many of you are piecing together, Danny is the new “Tim”, and thus he has some big shoes to fill. But he is definitely up for the challenge! Danny joined the OWCN Management Team on June 21st and is already ankle-deep in HAZWOPER training and working with Wendy on equipment at the BoneYard! We are so excited to have him here and are looking forward to having him meet and work with the rest of our fantastic Network!


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